analog-reboot all of my horrible ideas

also functions as a to-do list for this god forsaken website

verification box requirement before entering a website that asks your gender identity. there are the four standard options (he, she, they) and then a bunch of vague weird options like "14th of december", "six triangles", "family vacation to the bahamas". none of them affect how the website runs, except if you choose "he/him" in which case it just closes your browser window.
music player. that's it. i just want a music player that plays my funky liminal music (see: temporex and graham kartna)

post-box type that's draggable. use the same code from the alerts boxes and apply it. only problem: can't figure out how to incorporate the bottom ribbon from the posts into the draggable container. needs to be solved later. additionally: figure out how to randomize absolute position of div elements upon page refresh

done. wasn't as hard as i thought it was. the hardest part was applying the drag code to more than one object, but i got it. now their default window positions are random too.
exitable boxes. javascript button on upper right corner with the function to hide the div content.
problem: how do i float the button all the way to the right without fucking up my formatting
music page for songs i like and recommend. sortable by language / mood / genre

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