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november 24th: new prose post
- "caterpillars"

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name: analog
age: over 18
pronouns: it/itself
favourite things: music, the love of my life, books, urban clutter.
favourite book: demian by hermann hesse
favourite song: implanted Memories by infinity sequences

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hey. welcome to the website. hope you enjoy your stay.

you can call me analog. i'm a linguistics and language student right now, studying russian, chinese, japanese, and korean. if you couldn't tell, i'm a bit of a dweeb about languages.

if anyone has any ideas on how to improve this website, hit me up. i'm kind of tragically awful at css and html so i'm winging it.

feel free to message me on my twitter or shoot me an email.

so why the blog?

after starting university, i've found myself stressing more and more over the idea of what writing "should" look like. i've fallen into the academic idea that you can't write on a subject unless you have a degree in said subject. i think that's kind of a load of shit, and i need an outlet to get my thoughts out without the pressure of my writing looking 'proper' or good.

some of the writing here is from school, some is practice, some is just stuff i'm working on in my own time. all of it is writing i want to put out there, so i hope you enjoy it.

i am also heavily inspired by k-punk, so if you've seen his work and know his stuff, you might see similarities.

that being said, feel free to shoot me an email or a message on twitter. no promises i'll stop being scatterbrained enough to respond, but you're welcomed to chat.

so what do you like?

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